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Name: Olena Palatnik

Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant R519269

I am Olena Palatnik – Canadian Regulated Immigration Consultant R519269, fully licensed to assist, service and consult in immigration to Canada under 60+ immigration programs to Canada, Visitor visas, work permits, study permits, family sponsorships, complicated cases after previous applications with negative results.

Total immigration consulting experience – 18 years.
Consulting geography – throughout the world, predominantly residents and citizens of Ukraine, Russia, Moldova, Israel, Philippines, Canada, the UK, Iran, Iraq, Pakistan, India, etc.

Consultation and servicing format – predominantly on-line, distantly.
Physical offices location – Odessa, Ukraine; Morden, Manitoba, Canada

Proud mother of 2 princesses, a dog, a cat and a fish ;)

Olena Palatnik


Member in good standing of Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council (ICCRC)

Member in good standing of Canadian Association of Professional Immigration Consultants(CAPIC)

Member in good standing of Immigration Education Alliance (IMEDA)

  • Ashton College
    British Columbia
    Immigration Consultant Diploma with honors
  • University of British Columbia
    British Columbia
    Immigration Consultant Program Auditor
  • Odessa State Academy of Construction and Architecture
    Master of Business Management
  • Odessa State Academy of Construction and Architecture
    Bachelor of Business Management

Mmy skills

Professional A to Z consulting in:

  • Express Entry - Federal Skilled Worker Class
  • Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program – all streams
  • New Brunswick Provincial Nominee Program
  • Alberta Provincial Nominee Program – all streams
  • Ontario Provincial Nominee Program – all streams
  • BC Provincial Nominee Program – all streams
  • Atlantic Immigration Pilot Porgram
  • Self-employed program
  • Community supported immigration
  • Business immigration
  • Family sponsorship
  • Employer direct immigration
  • Temporary resident visa
  • Work permit
  • Study permit
  • Extensions
  • Citizenship applications

Professional Skills:

  • 24/7 availability
  • Transparent consulting with cliental control throughout the process
  • Individual approach
  • Strong moral code


Provision of wide range of immigration services during the entire application process including, but not limited to collection of document package, translation, notarization, conduction of correspondence and negotiations with all third parties, related to immigration process, cover letters and resume preparation, counselling in selection of potential employer, place of settlement in the chosen country, etc.

"Full package" service option includes our joint cooperation with client during the whole period of immigration process, covering all possible multi-program applications from start to landing and further through settlement. It means that in this services package we will keep applying and processing your case until you finally get to Canada/Australia/other county of destination- no matter how much time and efforts would be used. All you need to provide us with are all necessary documents, while we will do the rest.

"Limited package" service option is designed to inform you about all actions and requirements related to collection, registration, translation and notarization of documents, as well as to advise on questions about correspondence with migration services and completion of application forms. This format of cooperation supposes that you will independently go through your immigration process, while our team will consult you during the whole immigration process about how and where to submit documents, in what form and will perform final verification/case check of your document package. This option suits best to those who has a lot of free time to spend on learning immigration on own example and getting directions and instructions for self-application from me.

List of services:

  • One-stop- shop immmigration services to Canada from your home country for the whole family
  • Full range of immigration and other services for business immigrants
  • Preparation to the interview at the Consular Section of the Embassy of Canada in your home country and with all other elevant immigration authorities during the whole immigration process where applicable.
  • Visa support for all types of visas, including visitor, student, work, etc.
  • Family sponsorhsip.
  • Translation of documents and notarization – country-dependent.
  • Trainings before departure: English language, geography, culture and lifestyle of Canada, technical differences of work in Canada, etc.
  • Organization of preparation to international English exam IELTS (International English Language Testing System) for immigration to Canada.
  • Verification of the legitimacy of employment contracts.
  • Citizenship procedure assistance
  • Other personal services upon your request.
Please, find below some program directions, in which I will be happy to serve you:
  • Temporary residence
    and its extension
  • Visitor Visa: tourism,
    visit to friends/relatives/business visit –
    single and multi entry
  • Business Visitor
  • Study Permit
  • Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) –
    work permit for foreign employee
  • LMIA-based work permit (type 1)
  • Work Permit (LMIA exempt type 2)
  • Intra-company transferee work permit
  • Significant Benefit work permit
  • Other types of work permits
  • Extension/update Visitor, Work, Study Permit
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  • Permanent

  • Business Class Self-employed
    or Provincial business category
  • Investor Class Federal or provincial
  • Skilled Worker – Express Entry
  • Permanent Residence Application
    after Express Entry approval
  • Provincial Nominee Program
    (25 programs)
  • Community-Driven Immigration Initiatives
    (15 programs)
  • Family Class
  • call now
  • Other
    immigration services
  • Temporary Residence Permit (TRP)
  • Application for Criminal Rehabilitation
  • Medical Inadmissibility
    (Research and Submission)
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EEducation abroad

student support services

Selection of educational institutions upon your individual request

  • Consultation on documents checklist to enter institution and get stidy permit
  • Negotiations with educational institutions and letter of acceptance obtainment
  • Translation of documents – legalozation, notarizaion, apostille, etc.
  • Strategic application forms completing for the principal applicant
  • Completing of application forms for spouse and children
  • Sending documents and application forms to relevant authorities
  • Preparation of additional documents for visa application and specific Visa Office request, in applicable
  • Preparation of texts and explanation/cover/support/clarification letters for you, in accordance with international standards of information provision
  • Training of your family members and yourself for the interview with visa officer, if necessary
  • Flight booking
  • Consultations in adaptation in Canada (accommodation, market basket, mobile network, automobile, culture and lifestyle of the country and city of residence)
Professional fees
Type of service Fee, USD Notes
Immigration to Canada chances evaluation consultation 1100,00
  • 2 hours length
  • Written and oral format
  • Analysis of applicant under 60+ programs
  • Full immigration strategy formation under suitable options
Specific consultations 684 USD/hour
  • Preliminary request of specific questions
  • Written and oral format
Full immigration package – all immigration pathways from 28.000,00
  • covers all programs servicing and support until getting the result – Canadian permanent resident status
Limited immigration package – all immigration pathways from 23.000,00
  • covers all programs servicing and support until getting the result – Canadian permanent resident status – oral consultations and application check before submission
Immigration consulting under 1 immigration pathway – full package from 20.500,00
  • covers all programs servicing and support until getting the result – Canadian permanent resident status – oral consultations and application check before submission
Immigration consulting under 1 immigration pathway – limited package from 17.000,00
  • oral consultations and application check before submission
Visitor visa 4.800,00
Work permit 5.100,00
Family sponsorship – full package from 17.000,00
Family sponsorship – limited package from 11.500,00
  • oral consultations and application check before submission
Other services negotiated individually


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I would like to show my great appreciation to Olena for the work done in terms of my immigration to Canada. My pathway was not the easiest one, as I had an unforeseen situation with my employer, though Olena was in touch with me 24/7 and I got all the support from her and answers to all questions related to immigration to Canada. I am one of those people that always strives to be up-to- date and therefore I had a lot of questions related to immigration process during all immigration period to Canada. Olena always responded to my queries very fast with details and professional data, even if my questions sometimes were inappropriate. Immigration process in terms of documents preparation and submission was quite easy in my case, because Olena took my hand and carried me through all challenges and bureaucratic steps, I am very thankful for this to her. This is due to Olena that I got the chance and right and became a permanent resident of Canada. I wish you less complicated cases and more understanding and kind clients. Thank you! ____Vlad P.
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On behalf of all our family we would like to thank Olena for our immigration to Canada, for the visas, for all actions, advice, support and assistance in our uneasy and challenging immigration pathway to Canada. You are a super consultant that went through all emotional aspects of immigration to Canada with us hand in hand. We were one in those numerous hard and easy moments and due to your support we made it 100%. You were with us 24/7 every immigration day. Thank you for that! We are so happy. ____Anastasia and Mykola
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It is not a secret that Canada has its own statistics data considering risky countries – those, citizens and/or residents of which breach Canadian Immigration Law more often than others. One of the vivid examples of the victory on Canadian Visa Office statistics is Alona and Mike case. They are Ukrainian nationals, working permanently in United Arab Emirates. In such cases, quite often, Visa Office does not see any connection of applicants neither to their home country, nor to the country of residence. It results in refusal. This is what happened with these applicants’ cases initially. When applying anew for Visitor Visa to the same UAE Visa Office of Canada, the only thing that could have convinced the officer was explanation letter that MUST have been strict, forceful, coherent, linked to specific articles of Canadian Immigration Law Acts and Regulations. Such letter is the only document, able to convince the Officer to make positive decision. And it was done, which is the great victory, and now the format of this specific explanation letter – is a pure excellency example of my professional approach. Once again it was proved that refusal is not a sentence; after any refusal, and even after several refusals in visas to Canada you CAN and will get the visa and/or immigrate to Canada successfully when properly approached. We can overcome the majority of challenges like that. ____Alona and Mike
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We hired Ms. Olena Palatnik for immigration chances evaluation and are very much satisfied with the level and content of the service. We are really charmed by Ms. Palatnik, by her professional level and devotion to immigration consulting in a very cosy and personalized manner. Thank you! ____Paul
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Hi everybody. I would like to thank Olena Palatnik for her patience and understanding. The provided info was really valuable and timely. I wish you all the best with your potential customers. Good luck!  Greetings from Canada and Australia! ____Yevgeniy
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Olena in my first experience with her was completely professional and effective in preparing my application. She was very pleasant and empathetic to deal with, I would recommend her services. ____Lorraine
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This was the best choice in our life that brought us to so anticipated result – immigration to Canada. Thanks to Olena, our process was smooth and easily forecasted. ____Victor
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Thank you, Olena, for your efforts, your transparency and the most individual approach I have ever experienced ordering the services. I am a permanent resident of Canada due to your professionalism and I will never forget it. ____Elena
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Olena is a wise and funny person I have ever met. She is very knowledgeable and always with commitment. Although I just knew her for a few months. For some people you never know him/her even spending your whole life, but for some people you can know him/her well just from one behavior. Olena is that kind of person you can make not only an excellent consultant, but a friend. ____Fei
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I adore Olena and her approach in work because if she said something, she definitely does it and if she says something should not be done, you better listen to her! My best advisor. Thank you ____Mike
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My immigration process was very long and complicated and if not Olena, forcing me not to stop and have patience to complete the process, I would have given up for sure. Thank you for the fact that our goal is reached. We are proud Canadian PRs. ____Andrey
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I am 4 years in Canada already. My family sponsorship application – is all about Ms. Palatnik. I would have never handled all the challenges myself. I am in Canada because she said I will be here. ____Julia
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We are a happy PR family living in Winnipeg and we recommend Olena to everyone who wants to get to Canada. We not only immigrated here fast and without unforeseen circumstances, but also got all we need in terms of settlement services and support from Olena during first months after landing. We highly appreciate your approach. Thank you so much! ____Olena and family
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Olena made my dream come true. My application was not easy, moreover I was always in sea and away and all the process was coordinated by Olena in the best possible way. What she did for my family and me is not something one can express by words. ____Alex
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Hi from Canada! Our family immigrated to Canada in 2017 and we are so happy we are here. I never thought it may be so smooth, and I thank God I was recommended by friends to hire Olena for my immigration process. We did all in team, not one word or form was ever submitted without my understanding and Olena’s detailed legal explanation. That is a valuable advantage – to be always a part of the immigration process hand in hand with professional consultant. Thanks, Olena, you are awesome! ____Oleksandr

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6 Dovzhenko Street, Odessa, Ukraine

59 Alexandria Bay, Morden, R6M 2C4, Manitoba, Canada